Margery Fish Plant Nursery

We specialise in cottage garden plants and interesting herbaceous perennials including hardy geraniums. In February and March each year we sell a small selection of snowdrops ‘in the green’ propagated from the East Lambrook collection.

For our current 2018 list of plants for sale please email:

At a time when unusual plants were a rare commodity, Mrs Fish was one of the pioneers of the modern specialist plant nursery. She was a kind and generous lady who would gladly dig up her plants directly from the garden for keen and interested visitors. But as her popularity and fame grew, this generosity became unworkable and so she set up a plant nursery, propagating plants from cuttings taken in her garden and selling them to visitors. People would travel from all over the country to acquire her rare ‘gems’, and some would say that her place in history is most deserved for her work in plant propagation and ‘nurserymanship’ – indeed this work actively spread plants throughout a wide network of gardens and helped to secure the existence of many. This was particularly true for those plants which had lost favour, or were perceived as weeds or unimportant, many of which she helped to popularise and secure their rightful position in the list of cottage garden plants eg. geraniums, astrantias, vincas and lamiums, to name but a few.

Mrs Fish established the plant nursery in the mid 1950’s and the nursery has been selling specialist plants ever since.

Opening times
The nursery is open from 10am to 5pm when the garden is open. You can visit the nursery without paying to visit the garden. When the garden is closed, or if you want to check if we have a particular plant in stock, please ring 01460 240328 or email If we have got what you are looking for you can then arrange a convenient time to collect your purchase. The nursery does not provide a mail order service.

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